õԴ gmail 㹡ҹ mail ͧҧԷ෤ҹ(ѹ 11 Ҥ  2563)

ҹ mail

1. www.gmail.com login username password ͧ Gmail

2. ͡价setting Сsetting աչ֧

3. ѧҡ͡ account and import С import mail and contact

4.username @mut.ac.th username john john@mut.ac.th continue






5.password ǡ Continue

6. Start import


1 Ӣ1 2 ҧ

2.ѧҡ͡ account and import  С Add another email address

3. username @mut.ac.th username john john@mut.ac.th next step

4.¹ҡ pop01.mut.ac.th ǡ add account Ǩemail   ѧ@mut.ac.th confirm ա 駹֧